About Us

Mahestan Darou Pharmed is scienced baseded company which established in 2016 with the aim of becoming a major player in providing wide variety of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products all over Iran and even in the Middle East. Mahestan Darou company is collaborating with reputable companies to provide wide range of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

We are focused on identifying knowledge based supplier of medicinal, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical supplier worldwide to import and present their product in our domestic market.

We are able to provide strong sales force and distribution networks to penetrate local market. We are specializing in the marketing and distributing of pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical in Iran and other regional markets. With its trained and specialized staff, Mahestan Darou company has been providing novel products with high added value. On the other hand, it has been striving to conduct the R&D activities in accordance with legal authorities so as to satisfy local authority and consumers with products having standard efficacy and quality.

We are operating our business to achieve our predetermined goals with more than 40 employees (See Mahestan Darou Pharmed Company File) in our main office in Tehran, the capital of Iran. All of the employees are well trained and educated and are specialized in their jobs. Therefore to cope with high standard level of our clients and companies in Iran and even in the region, the employees are indeed working in different specific departments.